NAV Object Tools RT Windows edition - Complete Protection Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV v. 2013 - 2016
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License:    Per company licensing.
Requirements:    Supported 2013 - 2016 versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ™
Limitations:    Demo mode: 1 - 20 ID Tables & Pages
Version:    3.4
Language:    EN
Note:    Free "NAV Object Tools" One-Year Subscription to new version
Price:   299 USD   

The application purpose:

  • Protection C/AL source code objects against editing and reading
  • Archiving and restoring objects

The application consists of two tools:

  • Protection Tool
  • Archive Tool
Protected objects remain completely functional (exporting, importing, backing up the database, restoring the database).

The built-in archive allows you to restore an object and continue editing it. In archive all modifications of the object are saved, you can select manually what version to restore.

Types of objects for processing:

Protection Tool

  • The tool is used for protection of a C/SIDE source code objects against editing and reading.
  • In the object the source code is removed only, the compiled code remains invariable.
  • Protected Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) objects remain completely functional (working capacity, export, import, backup database, restore database).
  • The built-in archive allows you to restore an object.

Archive Tool

  • Archive tool is intended for archiving Navision objects.
  • The tool allows you to store any number of object versions and you can restore any version.
  • The object is located in archive automatically. If the object has changed after last archiving, the following archive is automatically created


Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) C/AL Editor. Protected object:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Debugger. Protected object:

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